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DJ, the vocalist and the producer was born in 1982 in ODESSA/UKRAINE. Armed by his own taste which has been brought up on strong endurance from the psychedelic-art-jazz-rock and electronic music he has started to give to unusual and accurate accords more and more time and attention that, by the way, has not prevented to develop him in other areas too. (At the moment behind Anton's shoulders 4 years experiences of the organization of movies production, tens advertising spots and a full-length feature films "The Debt" (2006) and "the Gift"(2007)

Beginning giving more attention to music, he has passed a way from King Crimson up to GUI Borato, from Alan Parsons up to Depeche Mode, from Prodigy up to Villalobos. The club industry has come to Ukraine in 1997. This area of human activity has so deeply sunk down in Anton's soul that the decision to become MC HURRICANE was accepted. Anton managed to be engaged in this activity most advantageously and to go on tour across Ukraine, but the main thing was there already - his performances strongly differed from others.

Already then the base of an original and uncompromising sight at dancing music was pawned. In the same time Anton spends nights on a studio and observes of work of arrangers and sound producers. The understanding that it is necessary to create his own product comes. Continuing work on radio, and in night clubs, Anton masters technology of virtual synthesis and begins musical solo project DFE (Distance from Escape). In 2004 year together with closest friend PLATO laborious work above first Ukrainian label TON records is conducted. In 2006 year on a label there is first release DFE_-_ Ghostmodernizm which becomes the best seller on Besides, Anton in 2006 works on ARMIN VAN BUUREN Kiev Expo Plaza. It was last chord in MC career. In same year Anton joins to dj community under name Raymond Obouvie. He becomes the Organizer of cult parties MINIMALOVE in Kiev, Moscow and Odessa with participation of such artists as Martinez (Copenhagen/Denmark), Tom Clark (Berlin/Germany), Rob Acid aka Robert Babicz (Cologne/Germany), Martin Eyerer and many others. In same year there is a first release on his own label ROBICA, Phil Stumpf ?? Stumpf am apparat (Raymond Obouvie RMX).

Starting from 2007 Anton is one of the head managers of Kazantip festival taking care about foreign artists booking and stage management. With his strong management skills this Russian festival starting to became real international! In 2008 due to his strong will a lot of worldwide known dj's incl. James Zabiela, 16 bit lolitas, Dave Dk, Martin Eyerer, Tom Pooks and many others were successfully booked to this outstanding and unique festival.

Also in 2007 Anton moves to Moscow and starting to work in first Russian professional label "Highway Records". Strongly involved in musical culture he creating special space for Russian producers to be know all over the world. But not only management. Look forward for February of 2009 for his outstanding remix release on "Highway records".

His dj mixes differed refinement and vigor, melodic and bright. His style is ?? from minimal-deep-tech-house up to minimal techno.


minimal-house, tech-house, techno


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DJ Set, live at blackberry Cafe Moscow