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Born in Switzerland, a country rich in electronic music history, Achilles is nowadays famous for his 15-hour-sets at Bar 25 in Berlin, taking you through a never-ending story about worldly musical and profound emotions. This unique character has been formed through a unique history ‚?? having studied Indian classical music in Varanassi for five years and turning into a master of the sitar is just the beginning of a seeming tale of an artist.

Between 1994 and 2000, Achilles opened his mind to another facet of music, having played in various jazz bands in Switzerland during these years. This can be seen as an inspirational musical discourse on his road to the electronic music scene, as in 2002 the master of sitar turned out to be a party promoter in Zurich, for clubs such as Aera and Dachkantine, and even made his mark in the German party scene, by becoming a resident at Bar 25 in Berlin, also playing for Quentin Tarantino's parties, delivering a selection from all possible styles.  

His musical style is not described as a trip through music history without reason, he truly travelled a long way through music. An example of this is his foundation of the event and record label Slutfunk, leading to the Slutty Sundays at one of the world's biggest clubs, Privilege, in the party-metropolis Ibiza during 2007.

For many years, Ricardo Villalobos was influenced (or inspired) by Achilles, his mentor, through many creative musical steps, and today they are working together on an album release in the studio. Achilles' style can be recognized as uplifting and upbeat, touching upon a range of genres between House and Techno, naming the world's music as his main influence, because every music leaves its mark.


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january 2009 in goa/india